3 Reasons why every man should train their gluteus muscles

Why men need to train their glutes muscles

If you though booty workouts were not worth your time. We'll think again, training your gluteus muscles will make a big difference your workouts and in your daily activities. Not only will it aesthetically look bigger and better. But it will improve your overall performance, increase injury prevention, and improve your day to day activities. 

1. Improves Performance

Improve Squats with Resistance Bands

Whether getting stronger or building muscle is your ultimate goal training your gluteus muscles and activating before any lower body movements will help you speed up your results. Almost every lower body exercise involves the glutes especially the compound movements such as squats and deadlifts. 

By activating or isolating them in your training program your overall performance with increase drastically. The stronger your glutes the faster you will come out the low phase of the squats. If you are struggling at the bottom phase of squats, training your gluteus will help you come up faster.

2. Injury Prevention

Avoid Lower Back Injuries

Majority of people who exercise performs squats and deadlifts. However, these exercises are where the majority of injuries happen due to rounding of the back in deadlifts or knee caving in squats. 

Weak glutes are often the reason why these injuries occur. Glutes are in charge of hip abduction and hip external rotation. When glutes are weak they are unable to have the proper amount of strength to avoid an injury. 

For labor work fellas(construction workers) not using glutes to lift and carry heavy loads will often cause injuries also causing entire body to wear down over time. Which comes later in life when you are 40+ years old and you notice every body part starts to hurt when using it for a certain amount. This comes from incorrect biomechanics from activities such as carrying and walking with heavy loads. Our glutes are our biggest muscles for a reason so take advantage of them fellas!

3. Improves Daily Activities

Men Daily Activities

Weak glutes will cause you to waste more energy than you need to and overcompensate other muscles to achieve a outcome. Walking can take a lot more energy if your posture or walking movement is incorrect. Dragging feet or not bending at the knee will cause other muscles to tighten up and increase the amount of energy it requires to do the work.

In some cases, researchers have found that it will cause about 1.5x more energy to walk the same distance with incorrect walking mechanics than correct proper walking mechanics. 

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