Concha vs Fruit Bowl: All calories created equal?

Concha vs Fruit Bowl: are all calories created equal?

More calories less fulfilling ? Yes, its possible many people are surprised when they heard this. What does this mean? A Mexican Pastry “Concha” contains 240 calories and coffee with one tablespoon of sugar has 16 calories. Combined calories is 258 many people have this as a snack in the morning. After reading this you will find out why that is. 

Concha and Coffee Calories

To better understand why we get hungry so quick. We need to know the different types of carbohydrates. Not all calories are created equal. Quick break down of the types of carbohydrates: Sugar (simple carbs quick to metabolism), Starches (complex carbohydrates longer to metabolism), and Fiber ( two types of is the most common is the non digestible carbohydrate).  

The reason why the concha and coffee does not keep you full for a long time is because these two items are made of simple sugars. They convert into energy very quick is why your body needs more food to be fulfilled. 

A great alternative is a fruit bowl to keep you full and fulfilled longer and you will also receive health benefits from all the nutrients the fruits have. Also, for less calories you will receive a bigger portion of fruit. 

Fruit Bowl Calories

Not all calories are created equal. This is a big mistake many new people think when trying to lose weight and start to eat healthier. 

Fruit Bowl Calories vs. Mexican Pastry Calories

If your goal is to achieve weight loss while achieving longevity, then changes like this fruit bowl over concha and coffee is the way to go. I am not by any means stating that coffee is bad, it's all about balance. You can always have coffee with a fruit bowl.