Healthy vs. Weight Loss Eating

Have you been eating healthier but haven't seen the results you been looking for? After reading this you will know why you aren't seeing the results you are expecting. Today we will be talking about the difference between eating healthy or eating for weight-loss. Many people think they mean the same thing, however, they both have different goals. Sure eating healthy can make you lose weight but the primary goal of healthy eating is not weight loss.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Cooking

Heathy eating is when you make healthier choices but not necessarily lower calorie food selections. For example, we can start to cook healthier by eliminating cooking with canola oil and switching over to coconut oil. Instead of eating fried rice, we switch to quinoa. Notice the more nutritious benefits when transitioning to cooking with coconut oil but not necessary any difference in calories.

Eating for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Eating Tips

Eating for weight-loss is transitioning from cooking with canola oil to pan spray oil. Which will completely cut off any added calories from cooking oil as spray oil has zero calories. Now instead of eating quinoa, you can eat cauliflower rice cutting the calories in half. Weight loss eating is cooking low calorie foods which will help you achieve your ideal weight loss goal faster.

Will eating healthier still make me lose weight?

Sure it can, but it will take longer to see results which is not necessarily a bad thing. Just know what you goal when trying to achieve weight loss.

How can I know what type of eating I should go for?

First, find the reason you are trying to lose weight is it for a special event, wedding, vacation, something you have been thinking about, or is it a health problem?
Once you know the reason. Then, you can start making the correct food selection and cooking preparation for your goal.