Secret Key to Speed up Results

The first time I ever went into the gym, I had no idea what to do or how to do it. As for many people going to the gym for the first time. I saw people doing things and or search up different training programs. Over time when I was studying kinesiology, I notice that all these "great" beginner workout programs were missing the foundational movements your body can only do. I lost years of not knowing these five movements. Which would of drastically change my strength and physique.

Our body can only do these five movements

  1. Knee Dominate Movement
  2. Hip Dominate Movement
  3. Core/Stabilization Movement
  4. Pushing Movement
  5. Pulling Movement

That's it other movements or exercises are a combination of two or more put together. The problem is that most of us don't learn the fundamental movements before attempting the more advanced movements which put us at a higher risk of injury when exercising or plateau our physique and strength. 


Key Fundamentals for Successful Workout Journey

So here are some examples of each movement to help you have a better understanding of these movements. 

  1. Knee Dominate Movement: Squat majority of the movement is caused by knee bending.
  2. Hip Dominate Movement: Glute Bridge majority of the movement is caused by hinging the hip.
  3. Core Movement: plank activate the entire core for stabilization 
  4. Push Movement: push-up pushing yourself away from an object this can either be upper body movement or lower body.
  5. Pull Movement: pull-ups of your pulling body closer to the object.

Maribel, old client of my who had been exercising for quite some time before working together. But, never trained her core for stabilization allowing herself to have a gap in her building blocks of exercising. We cannot build a perfect pyramid without a solid foundation. So we started back, in the beginning, designing her month's program with these movements. After 6 months of training, she surpassed her strength and physical physique by mastering these five movements.

exponential growth

The problem is that many people myself included I never really saw the point of training my core or if I did the first thing that came up was doing as many crunches or sit-ups until it burn. Allowed me to never progress on my advanced movements such as barbell squats. Your core has so much to do with how much weight you can hold for squats reason why people wear lifting belts. If you train your core the right way from the start. I can almost guarantee you that you will start to see faster results in your strength and physique. 

Most Common Mistake when exercise

"Your only as strong as your weakness part"

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