How does Simple Gel Work? 

Simple Gel is intended too, but not only to enhance sweat concentration and motivation as well to promote muscle recovery, increase blood circulation to stubborn areas and tighten excess skin. 

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When and How to use Simple Gel?

Apply a fair amount to problematic areas 20 minutes before activity.  

When to use Simple Gel

Does your resistance loop bands come in different sizing?

No, our resistance bands come in one size 15 & 16 inches per set. 

  • Pink band 15  Inches: Low Intensity 
  • Red band 15 Inches: Medium Resistance
  • Black band 15 inches: High Resistance
Resistance Bands 15"
  • Pink band 14 inches: Low Intensity
  • Gray band 14 inches: Medium Resistance
  • Black band 14 inches: High Resistance

Resistance Bands 14"

Will this only make me sweat more?

No, our formula is intended to tone and firm problematic areas as well as elevate thermogenesis in problematic areas which enhances fat loss.

Can I use it on my arms and thighs?

Yes, this product can be applied in any problematic areas such as abdominals, arms, thighs. Stay away from eyes, mouth, or any other other sensitive areas.

When will our items be shipped? 

All orders will be subject to a handling and shipment, within 2 business days. Note, however, if order Saturday or Sunday shipping and handling may take up to 3 days. After orders have been successfully processed you will receive a notification message to your email. 

Do you accept refunds/exchanges? 

Yes, we offer 100% money back guarantee must be shipped back after 30 days of purchased. Email us at simple.bands1@gmail.com or visit our contact us page.

How do I receive my free waist trainers?

Depending on which bundle you purchase your number of waist trainer will vary. On our Simple Waist Trainer Bundle you will be able to receive 2 waist trainer. Starting January 2021 you will be able to just send us an email to simple.bands1@gmail.com email should include:

  • First & Last name,
  • Black Friday Order # 

We will then send you a special coupon code for you, all you have to cover is shipping cost. Please note that you can request one at a time for the bundle that you receive two free waist trainers. Any more questions or concerns please email us.