How Simple Gel Works

Coconut Oil

Simple Gel with Coconut Oil
Capsicum elevates core temperature speeding up the time it takes to get your body into your fat burning zone. When combined with coconut oil it lowers burning sensation on skin. 
Everyone has a range to optimize fat burning, the longer you are in that zone the more fat you will burn. 
Simple Gel helps speed up your core temperature to get into the fat burning zone faster and allows you to maximize your sweating.

Pyrus Malus + Aloe Vera

Pyrus Malus Simple Gel
As we age we start to lose collagen, that is why our skin, hair, nails tend to decrease its thickness. Extracted from Apple Trees comes Pyrus Malus natural occurring chemical that aids with tone excess skin with building collagen on the outer layer of your skin. We also added Aloe Vera when combined with Pyrus Malus leaves skin feeling smooth. 
*Mothers, Pyrus Malus has been proven to get your tummy skin to tighten up to 85% to pre-pregnancy. Say goodbye to excess skin and cellulite.


Capsicin Simple Gel
Capsicum keeps body temperature elevated after working out to allow hemoglobin and oxygen to travel smoothly to sore muscles to maximize muscle recovery. Higher body temperature makes it easier for blood to travel to sore areas.

All in One Bundle

On top of quality weight loss products in order to burn fat we need a well structured Workout Plan and Diet Plan. Our 30 Day Transformation Ebook includes:
  • Unique Workouts to Maximize Fat Loss
  • Unique Workout Structure ( No More 1+ hours of working out plus hours on the treadmill). Just 45 Minute a day, we know you're busy, we take that seriously.
  • Well Structure Diet Meal to optimize energy levels and fat burning. Health is Wealth. 
  • Visual Workout Demonstration and Instructions