Simple Gel Sample Packets
Simple Gel Sample Packets

Simple Gel Sample Packets

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Comes with 3 one serving Thermogenic Simple Gel Sample Packs. 

Get ready to enhance your workout results. Simple Gel is intended too, but not only enhances sweat concentration by five times and motivation as well to promote muscle recovery,  stimulate blood circulation to stubborn areas, tighten excess skin, and decrease cellulite and stretch marks.


  • Speeds up Fat Burning
  • Increase Blood Circulation to Stubborn Areas
  • Helps with skin elasticity
  • Decrease appearance of cellulite
  • Elevates Muscle Recovery
  • Sweat 5x More


Simple Gel Ingredients


How many samples does it come with?

It comes with 3 individuals sample packets. 

How does it work?

Simple Gel helps maximize every second of your workouts. Speeds up fat burning, increases muscle recovery, tones, and firm excess skin, and helps you sweat 5 times more.

Can I use it on my arms and thighs?

Yes, this product can be applied in any problematic areas such as abdominals, arms, thighs. Stay away from eyes, mouth, or any other sensitive areas.

Does it work without the belt?

Yes, you can still get most features without using a waist trainer. 

When will our items be shipped?

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When to use Simple Gel